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Techni-Mix HD Rubber Mixer Series for Precise Rubber &
Plastic Formulations

TECHNI-MIX Series Silicone & Rubber Mixer

Each TECHNI-MIX HD Series tilt-type silicone and rubber mixer from TMP provides the highest quality mixing of your precise rubber and plastic formulations at an initial cost that is about 50% less than traditional rubber mixing equipment. Each TECHNI-MIX silicone and rubber mixer is designed and built to meet your specific needs. TMP offers a variety of batch sizes for every application -- even the toughest compounds from a 5-liter laboratory rubber mixer to the larger 35 to 110 liter production models.

Completely American-made, TECHNI-MIX rubber mixers are designed to the highest engineering standards and manufacturing specifications. Quality components such as Timken roller bearings, Reliance high-horsepower motors and Lufkin gear reducers make the TECHNI-MIX rubber mixers as dependable as they are versatile.

TECHNI-MIX rubber mixers have many features to make this product the premier system of its kind. Unlike Banbury® type rubber mixers, the Techni-Mix is designed to be as intensive as a drop door style rubber mixer but incorporated into a versatile tilt mixer configuration:

rubber mixer

Silicone and Rubber Mixer Features:

Increased Chamber Life

High-Shear Advanced Rotor Design

Superior Heating and Super-Cooled for Single Pass Mixing

Advanced Controls

Tilting Assembly for Quick, Easy Access, Cleanout

Low Maintenance Lubrication

Floating Weight with Controlled Cooling, Pressure

Dependable, Powerful, Variable Drive Section

Standard Sizes and Horsepower:

DC motor with SCR drive control. (AC Variable Speed Drives and alternate HP Ratings available.)

Many TECHNI-MIX options are available, the newest of which is Vacuum Mixing for better housekeeping and avoidance of trapped gases in the stock.

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