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Compression Molding Machine

The TMP TECHNI-MOLD Hydraulic Compression Press for molding rubber & silicone parts has been for over thirty years TMP's principle product line supplied to hundreds of satisfied and repeat customers. TMP has lead the industry incorporating technological advancements to these presses and the molding process.

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Types of Compression Molding Machine Processes:

TMP offers a variety of compression molding machine types including automatic hydraulic press systems for compression-molding of rubber and silicone:

  • Straight Compression Molding
  • Hydraulic Transfer Presses
  • Hydraulic Vacuum Press

Compression Molding Machine

TMP Standard Hydraulic Compression Molding Machine Press Components:

Press Frame

Press Platens

Press Ram & Main Cylinder

Press Crosshead

Moving Bolster Assembly

Hydraulic System

The TMP press Hydraulic System is a proven for its efficiency and long-term reliability. These hydraulics combined with TMP's advanced controls provide press control, accuracy and flexibility unmatched in the industry. The system includes:

TMP Advanced Controls Systems

Process control programming allowed in TMP’s Advanced Control Systems improve product quality through better pressing accuracy and repeatability. Learn more about our state-of-the-art control systems.

Scope of Supply

TMP current press specifications cover a wide range of design parameters:

 Tonnages  5-3,000 tons
 Platen dimensions  5" - 14 feet
 Closing speeds  40 to 300 inches / minute
 Platen heating  Oil, Electric, Steam
 Number of Daylights  1-20
 Hydraulic pressures  Up to 3,000 psi
 Hydraulic preferences  Rexroth, Bosch
 Control Processors  Allen Bradley
 Operator Interfaces  Allen Bradley, Maple

TMP Compression and Vacuum Press Optional Features and Upgrades

TMP can customize your molding process with vacuum press design options and enhanced automation. They include:

  • A Hydraulic Transfer Cylinder added to a slab side or post press.
  • Hydraulic Upgrades for Precision Control of Speeds and Pressures
  • Electrical Control Options
  • Multi-Press Systems with consolidated controls and hydraulics
  • Platen upgrades for higher temperatures, or cooling passages
  • Mold and/or Platen Shuttle Systems
  • Part knock-out stations
  • Shuttles for transfer molding sprue-plate removal
  • Transfer pot feeding systems
  • Silicone stuffers

TMP's parent company, The French Oil Mill Machinery Company, owns the exclusive license from Acrolab for the manufacture and sale of Isoplatens® within the rubber molding and processing industry in North America and selected worldwide markets. Isoplaten® is a registered trademark of Acrolab Ltd.

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